Mystery Spot Santa Cruz

Mystery Spot Santa Cruz draws huge numbers of curious visitors from around the world each year, who come to challenge the claims of those who demonstrate things which shouldn't be happening

Visit this quirky and weird "gravitational anomaly" piece of land where water runs uphill in the Santa Cruz Mountains just about 20 minutes from Santa Cruz. 

The Santa Cruz Mystery Spot is one of the weirdest spots anywhere along the California Coast. Set among towering redwood trees in an erie forest ... strange things happen on this tiny parcel of land and there appears to be no explanation.

Discovered in 1939 when surveyors were plotting boundaries for a new lot that was for sale, that they discovered this 150 foot diameter spot where they found themselves dizzy and lightheaded.

More mysteries and unexplainable events were uncovered over time. Construction on the small home was halted, and the plot of land was abruptly sold.

In 1940, this slice of land was opened to the public where hundreds of visitors who had heard about this "unusual" place paid 5 cents for every tour.

Today, that tour is $5 and an additional $5 for parking in the relatively small lot on the property.

This is a place where water and billiard balls continue to run uphill, and where tall people appear are shorter.

Many claim there are other spots around the country where this occurs as well, and have attempted to make the claim that metal cones have were buried deep in the ground as mechanisms to guide alien spacecraft to various locations in the Northern Hemisphere.

This was a popular explanation just after the 1947 Roswell spacecraft sightings allegedly took place, and the mystery continues. Some have even speculated that the actual spacecraft are still burried deep in the ground under the tiny cabin that is a part of the tour.

Even Scientists Can't Give Us An Answer

Scientists have come here for over 65 years trying to figure out the mystery and today it's still called the Mystery Spot and not the "Solved Mystery Spot." 

Specialists who study the unusual, still have yet to reveal the reason for the things that occur here.

Bring A Carpenters Level And See For Yourself!

Many come here to Mystery Spot Santa Cruz, to"disprove" the claims made for the last 70 plus years, so take on the challenge and bring a carpenters level, your own billiard ball to test the level, or any other device you believe will explain these bizzarre happenings that occur only within a few hundred square yards on this isolated piece of property.

Test your level where the cabin is located, and then test again just off the property and see if you can find an explanation. There have been hundreds before you, so don't be suprised if you come back with no answers.

Make it a romantic adventure and bring a date to show them how smart you are ... or aren't.

Mystery Spot Santa Cruz ... Take An Entertaining Tour

This is a cheap excursion and one that will make you laugh, have some fun and scratch your head.

The tour guides are very entertaining. If your in luck, Mo or Ben will lead your tour making it something to laugh about at dinner. Take a camera, bring a lunch since there are picnic tables, and take that 15 minute ride up into the redwood forest that is just up the hill from the beaches of Santa Cruz.

Your best bet is reserve online and arrive 30 minutes before the tour. These tours are predictably packed in the summer months, so don't be late or you may need to return hours later when there are openings in the schedule.

If you have time, take the 30 minute hiking trails that are on the property to really get a good look at the towering thousand year old redwood trees.

If you arrive without a reservation, make sure to bring cash and come to be entertained.

After all a little crazy and weird is good on vacation don't you think?

Become A Believer!

If you really get excited about Mystery Spot Santa Cruz and come away like so many do, with an appreciation for the absurd, then  become a devotee. Buy a cheap Mystery Spot coffee cup for $7.

Your now an official believer, and that cup of coffee will be an instant conversation starter next time you need one.