Favorite Things To Do In Monterey California for Your Next Romantic Getaway

Ok it's corny but "there are a million things to do in Monterey" every day no matter the season or the weather.

On my last trip it was a bit foggy in the morning, so I headed up to Carmel Valley about 8 miles away. The sun was warming up the valley and it was perfect. I had breakfast at the Carmel Valley Ranch, enjoyed the scenic park like grounds for a while drove another 2 milesup to Garland Ranch Regional Park, and took a short 1.5 mile easy hike through the cottonwood. Then I went back to Monterey where Canney Row was now in full sun.

On a similiar day I could have driven 20 minutes to Jacks Peak hundreds of feet about the ocean and into tthe foothills to see where the pockets of fog  were and to enjoy the panoramic view.

Summer can be foggy ...sometimes! The weather forecasters have their hands full as there are dozens of pockets around the coast that are not predictable. So just go and know that no matter the weather, there is never enough time to see it all

7 Top Things To Do In Monterey 

Maybe it's a good day for:

Oops ... One More Thing!

  • The Monterey Bay Aquarium now offers evening and sleep over events at the aquarium. One of the new programs is a romantic themed event called "Romance Tours" Each is a private event and you can customize your private agenda. This might be a great chance for a unique vacation surprise. Make sure you let us know what it was like ...

Garland Regional Park

Whale Watching Is Extremely Popular In Monterey

Miles Of Almost Private Beach At The New Fort Ord Regional Park

Take A Short Hike At Garland Regional Park

Watch The Sailboats At Fisherman's Wharf

Visit The Historic District And Dine At This Former Monterey Firehouse

Rent A Kayak On Del Monte Beach

Don't Miss The Monterey Bay Aquarium

Practice Your Golf Swing In Scenic Surroundings

Enjoy A Romantic Dinner At Restaurant 1833

Take In The Amazing Beauty

Spend A Day On Cannery Row

Monterey Is Different In Every Season

Many people come to Monterey the same time each visit. If you not a local, consider returning during the holidays or in the early Fall when the crowds seem smaller and the experience is different from the trip you had in August. Accommodations are usually much more affordable in the off seasons. That is usually when I travel here and I enjoy the experience more.

So ... Do you have a favorite time of the year to come to the coast? Post it on our blog and see what others have to say.

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