Pacific Grove Restaurants

After a long day of hiking, shopping and exploring this quaint victorian town, a really nice meal might be only a short distance away from wherever you are in Pacific Grove.

Breakfast and Lunch Best of Best Restaurants

Well named, the Old Red House with dining inside and outside on the porch brings locals in every day. It's a little cramped during the busiest times of the day...but a lot of fun.

I've heard stories about their ten dollar burgers being the best anywhere!

If you interested in something outside the ordinary while your at the Old Red House, try Sophie's Nutella Panini. Imagine Hazelnut chocolate and bananas, with marshmallow cream on a Brioche roll.

Then imagine running ten miles to make up for your indulgence.

But as my daughter would say, "Your on Vacation."

Restaurants That Make Dinner an Adventure

Locals consistently rate Max's Grill as one of the all round best Pacific Grove restaurants. You'll find Max and his wife Yuko working together to provide you with the best possible dining experience.

 "Max" Muramatsu was raised in Tokyo, trained in France and once worked at Maxim's famous restaurant in Paris. He moved to the California coast and enjoyed working as the executive chef at Anton and Michel's in Carmel.

Many of the locals wonder how "Max" and his wife manage to provide their well appreciated excellent service since Max buys his own seafood daily from the seafood mongers at the wharf, buys his own vegtables and makes his own homemade bread and pasta, and then prepares a wide variety of selections in his own kitchen...all before the crowds arrive for dinner. 

He even pokes his head out of th ekitchen on occassion to greet diners to make sure his work is meeting everyone's expectations.

Max prepares his meals with a "fusion" mindset and it works beautifully! Emphasis is on the entire meal and just one aspect.

Next time your within 20 miles of Monterey or Pacific Grove, stop in and say hello to Yuko and try the slightly sweet cioppino or sand dabs.

We think you will come back again and again just like the locals.

If you really want fish for dinner, the Fishwife restaurant is consistintly rated best among many Monterey Bay visitors.

Don't make the mistake that many have made and judge this place by the exterior. If you want excellent seafood that is reasonably priced where you can go right after a walk on the beach, this is your place!

Located in Asilomar at the end of a state beach this unpretentious exterior of a restaurant has a culinary surprises inside. Flavors are influenced by Caribbean accents in seafood and pasta dishes. The fish is outstanding, the clam chowder is terrific and the crab cakes with habanera butter cream sauce is not to be missed.

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