Romantic Carmel Coast Wine Tasting

A Taste Of The Good life in Obscure Valley Hills And All
Along The Monterey Peninsula 

With all of the's easy to get confused

Unique, romantic Carmel Coast wine tasting is abundant here in Carmel, California…  if you know where to go. Outstanding wines can be found in these abundant foothills of Northern California.

There are so many possibilities for wine exploration along the coast.

 Seven Carmel Wineries To Explore

If your limited on time but want to sample the best of romantic Carmel coast wine tasting, you might try the seven tasting rooms right in Carmel just off Ocean Avenue. Stop by the Visitors Center on San Carlos between Fifth and Sixth Avenue...

Just one and one half blocks North of Ocean Avenue and get a map that will take you to all seven destinations.

Wine Enthusiast Magazine recently awarded Monterey County as one of the Top Ten Wine & Travel Destinations of 2013 so there is much to be discovered.

The walk covers only a few square blocks and depending on how much conversation ensues, this could be one hour or several.

Wines are estate grown locally in the Santa Lucia highlands and into Monterey county. This is a self paced self guided walk.

Try the wines from Cima Collina. They have a half dozen vineyards spreading from the two hundred foot level in the Santa Lucia mountains on up to the warmer climates of Monterey.

Carmel Valley Wineries offer award winning wines.

Romantic Carmel Valley Wineries 

This variety of microclimates allows then to grow cabernet in the warmer ares of Monterey and still grow Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in the ocean cooled and windy areas that these varietals enjoy.

Monterey and Carmel Valley are enjoying a vitacultural renasissance as the area microclimates are becoming better understood.

Wine Tasting in Carmel Valley

In Carmel Valley you'll find great wine influenced by the Blue Grand Canyon just off the coast. This trench under the surface of the ocean, is a ninety five mile grand canyon like gap in the ocean floor that influences the area with a cool maritime impact.

While in Carmel Valley, your first stop might be the Chateau Julien Wine Estate. Watch for the signs on the right side of the road just a few miles from Highway One in Carmel.

This Romantic Carmel coast wine tasting estate on sixteen beautifully landscaped acres resides in a location with the Carmel Valley hills in the background, and offers extensive wine tasing and access to their keg room, often the perfect setting for local wedding receptions.

Here the wines estate flagship is their merlot and red blends. You will find a wonderful tasting room with friendly staff and generous samples of their best varitels.

Bernardus Lodge and Wine Tasting

As you journey farther up the Carmel Valley, you will see signs for the Bernardus Lodge and tasting room.

At the Bernardus wine estate, owner Ben Pon appreciates wine as an art..."a form of art that transcends the ordinary".

His dream with Bernardus is to make a red wine equal to the finest from Bordeaux. To achieve this purpose, Ben, a Dutchman, who could have planted vineyards anywhere in the world, has chosen the Carmel Valley for his estate vineyards and winery.

Since the early 1970's, there has been a growing awareness of the outstanding potential for Bordeaux varieties from this area of Carmel Valley.

The Bernardus estate vineyards of Marinus and Featherbow Ranch are located in the Cachagua region of the Carmel Valley. This Romantic Carmel coast wine tasting estate is known for access to deep or hidden water.

It has been said that Native Americans believed that all things in nature were sacred and interrelated. Their respect for balance in nature is carried on in the vineyards of Bernardus. More than three hundred live oaks have been preserved and thrive among carefully planted vines.

Directions, Hours and Phone

Location: 5 West Carmel Valley Road, Carmel Valley, California
Hours: 11am-5pm everyday
Phone: 1(831) 298-8021
Toll Free: 1(800) 223-2533

There is a $7.50 Tasting Fee or Mr. Pon's Reserve pour for $15.
Your wine tasting fee is refunded with a purchase of $75 or more.
NOTE: It is recommended that groups of 8 or more make a reservation.

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