Refuge Spa

The Refuge Spa is located on two acres in a beautiful setting surrounded by the hills of the Santa Lucia Mountain range in Carmel Valley.

You quickly begin to sense a feeling of escape as you drive thru the manicured grounds and through the hills that lead you to this highly rated spa.

Refuge Spa Fireplaces And Pools

Romantic Setting With Fireplaces and Pools Tucked Into The Santa Lucia Hills

Try Something Unexpected ... The Refuge Day Spa

The Refuge Spa approaches the art of health and relaxation from a Scandinavian mind set that includes individual and couple massage and alternating hot and cool water immersion for total relaxation, and it may well be the answer for that overworked and stressed lifestyle most of us live.

Staff will explain about the hydrotherapy cycles and the variety of choices.

If you follow the recommend cycle of Eucalyptus Steam Room, hot tub, ocean water and snow melt water, you will have an invigorating experience unlike anything else you might have experienced.

It takes a sense of adventure, but everyone I know says it's exhilarating.

More specifically:

  • Heat up for 10 minutes
  • Cool down 10 second plunge into either the Pacific Ocean temp or Arctic snow melt (your gonna be shocked but its important) ... followed by
  • Relaxation for 15 minute in zero gravity chairs or by the outdoor fireplaces ...then
  • Warm back up 10 minutes in the hot spa pools then
  • Repeat completing 3 or 4 cycles.
Refuge Spa Carmel CA Rated Number Three On Trip Advisor

Rated Number Three Spa On Trip Advisor

The Refuge Spa philosophy suggests that the ancient tradition of repeated exposure to heat then cold followed by relaxation is the key to true relaxation and health of the body. The process is claimed to remove unwanted toxins and heavy metals that are otherwise difficult to remove. 

The massages at the Refuge are sixty dollars plus the thirty nine dollar entrance fee but before you hesitate, the massage is optional. I suggest that you choose the entry fee alone because the massages are great but not the kind of deep massage I usually look for.

If you do choose the massage, you have  a choice of relaxation massage, deep tissue massage, or therapeutic massage. If you want a robe, there is a twelve dollar fee but the free towels are big enough to cover you, so you probably don't need one unless you plan to stay the entire day.

The locker rooms are well stocked with shampoo, hair dryers etc. and they even have a centrifuge spinner to dry your bathing suit so you don't have to take a sopping wet suit to the car ... it's a nice touch!

The feeling of euphoria make this experience nothing short of wonderful and is my pick for a spa experience to remember.

Sometimes you wil find a two for one offer in local shoppers magazines so ask when you make a reservation and they might offer it to you!

The Refuge Spa ... A Little Tricky To Find

The Refuge is tucked away near the mountains and can be a little tricky to find:

Take Carmel Valley Road, go east two miles to Rancho San Carlos Road. Turn South to the right and go about eighth tenths of a mile to the Refuge on the left.

Go on a weekday when the spa is less crowded....and please observe the no talking signs because the rule here is silence.

Open ten to ten every day of the year. Don't forget to enjoy the outdoor firepits as part of your relaxing experience.

Thirty nine dollars allows you an all day unlimited access to all of The Refuge facilities including the steam room and sauna.

Best Spa Experience Of A Lifetime

Visitors to our website always want to know about the experiences of our readers.

So ... how was your experience at The Refuge Spa?

Were you brave enough to try the cold water imersion technique, or did you choose to just relax by the outdoor fireplaces. Our readers want to know, so please tell us all about your trip to the spa!

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