Romantic Carmel Coast Spa Adventures

Romantic Carmel Coast Spa Adventures begin right here …  You might be surprised at what is available to ease your way along this section of the coast. 

The chatter and rapid pace of the real world is behind you for a bit, and you would be well served to consider letting youself drift into another realm, with your muscles relaxed, and your mind detached.

The Scandinavian Approach to Relaxation

The newest Spa in the area is in Carmel Valley and is known as the Refuge. 

This is an amazing and serene place, and the reviews continue to be overwhelmingly positive. You will find this Scandinavian spa experience to be complete with well trained and attentive staff waiting to be sure you have the experience you expect.

The Refuge Spa is situated on 2 acres of the most beautiful setting, with much of the facility located outdoors and surrounded by the hills of the Santa Lucia Mountain range in Carmel Valley.

To add to the ambiance of romantic Carmel Coast spa adventures, you can find a pit fireplace where you can watch the flames dance and contribute to your sense of escape.

The friendly staff will explain about the hydrotherapy cycles and the variety of choices that are offered. If you follow the recommended cycle of eucalyptus steam room, hot tub, ocean water or snow melt water immersion, you will be rewarded with an invigorating and detoxifying experience that may be like no other.

Your Spa Adventure Begins

Once your ready and you have your oversized and fluffy towels, you can begin a series of short cycles:

  • Heat up for ten minutes.
  • Cool down in a three to ten second plunge into either the Pacific Ocean pool or the Artic snow melt pool (your gonna be shocked but it's important).
  • This will be followed by a period of relax for fifteen minutes in zero gravity chairs.
  • Warm back up ten minutes in the hot spa pools.

Repeat for two to three cycles.

The Refuge cites the ancient tradition of repeated benefits derived from exposure to heat, then cold, followed by relaxation.

Don't forgewt to enjoy the outdoor firepits as part of your romantic Carmel Coast spa adventures.

Take in a Refuge Spa Massage

If you are interested in a massage expect to pay $60 plus the $39 admission fee. I suggest the entry fee only because the massages are not as deep as you might typically find elsewhere. However, you will still have full access to all of the other services, and you can stay as long as you have reached the relaxed state your body is demanding.

If you do choose the massage, you have a choice of relaxation massage, deep tissue massage or therapeutic massage. If you want a robe, expect a $12 surcharge. The the towels are big enough, so you might not need a robe.

Amenities at the Refuge Spa

The locker rooms are well stocked with shampoo and hairdryers hair dryers and even a centrifuge spinner to dry your bathing suit.

The rush of adrenelin and the feeling of euphoria makes this experience nothing short of wonderful and is my top choice when looking for romantic Carmel Coast spa adventures.

During certain times of the year, you wil find a 2 for 1 offer - so ask when you make a reservation.  Go on a weekday if you can for a more secluded feel...  and no talking. The rule here is silence!

$39 dollars allows you an all day unlimited access to all of the clubs facilities including the steam room and sauna.

Give this a try before you travel to Big Sur. It will set the mood for what comes next in Big Sur.

Directions and Phone

The Refuge is located at 27300 Rancho San Carlos Road in the Carmel Valley.  

It can be a little tricky to find. Take Carmel Valley road, go east two miles to Rancho San Carlos Road. Turn South to the right, and go about eight tenths of a mile to the Refuge Spa on the left.

Open 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day. 

1 (831) 620-7360.

Traditional Spa Salons

More romantic Carmel Coast spa adventures I have reviewed...  

Spa Aiyana

Not very far down the road a little deeper into the Carmel Valley is the Carmel Valley Ranch. This is a wonderful place to stay and has a well known spa called Spa Aiyana.

Here you are surrounded by hundreds of acres of oak forested beauty.

The spa is over ten thousand square feet with eleven treatment rooms. You can expect  the availability of couples massage rooms which can be rare to find. Here you will find advanced skin care facials, nail care, waxing and oxygen fusion services.

Bernardus Lodge and Spa

Even futher into Carmel Valley about nine and a half miles off Hiway one in Carmel, is the well known Bernardus Lodge and Spa. Here you can take advantage of their vinotherapy (makes sense since this is a vineyard). 

You can enjoy a warming pool and fireplace to set the stage for the actual massage. Dozens of choices beginning at one hundred and fourty dollars. You might also consider adding a signature service Hot Stone foot treatment for another twenty five minutes of real relaxation.

A twenty percent gratuity is automatically included.

Note: Ask for Michael when you make a reservation.

More Romantic Carmel Spa Adventures 

Yon Kay Signature Day Spa

At the entrance to Carmel Valley in the Crossroads Shopping Center, you will find the Yon Kay Signature Day Spa. Yon Kay is a huge name in skin care and this romantic Carmel Coast spa adventure offers you a wide variety of both men's and women's treatments. Aroma therapy, Ayurveda nutritional services and make up consultation are all part of their services. 

Directions and Phone

118 Crossroads Boulevard

Located at Mission and Eighth, In the Crossroads Shopping Center

1 (831) 625-4410

Precision Nails

You might also stop at Precision Nails for an extraordinary hand detail with warm therapeutic paraffin treatment. For only $30 you can get your nails buffed.

Directions and Phone

238 Crossroads Boulevard 

1 (831) 620-0454

Me Too Salon and Spa

In Carmel, "Me Too" is a luxury hair and nail salon. At this spa, a womans design cut is about $65 dollars, and a manicure is $32 dollars.

Directions and Phone

Mission and Eighth  831 625 5008

1 (831) 624-7738 

Vagabond House

At the Vagabond House in Carmel Village, you can enjoy a one hour massage for $120.

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