Plaskett Creek Campground

Although Plaskett Creek Campground may not be quite as popular as it's sister campground at Kirk Creek, there are some practical reasons why this might be a good choice ... even a better choice for a restful night along the Pacific Ocean.

Beautiful Campsites With Pacific Ocean Views

Easy Coastal Bluff Trail Hiking 

Plaskett Creek Campgrounds is set in a beautiful parklike setting where some sites have incredibly beautiful views of the ocean through pungent groves of Cypress trees.

Situated on the east side of Highway 1 among large Cypress and Pine trees, these camping sites offer privacy in larger measure than their sister campground just down the road.

There are 41 sites and half are set aside on a first come, first served basis, so if you can't get a reservation, you might just be able to find a place to rest your head here.

Sites #12 and #35 are a little more private, so you might head toward those upon arrival. Many sites are shaded and the entire park is dog friendly. There are flush toilets but no showers.

This campground also seems to be a quieter and a less busy place to camp. You can enjoy really bright sunrises, gorgeous sunsets and if there is no fog, a celestial sky filled with what appears to be millions of stars for you and your companion to enjoy.

Summer time temperatures average about 70 degrees but nights are cold, so bring lots of blankets to cuddle up with.

What If I Forgot My Toothbrush?

Part of the appeal of this campground hidden away in the hills is the silence and the lack of busyness. You might however need a few things while your here, and there is an answer ... albeit an expensive one.

Gorda is a tiny little commercial place just about 4 miles north that surprisingly has most of those much needed things you forgot to bring along.

You will find a small store, a gas station, a restaurant, a motel and even an expresso shop.

But don't be suprised when you see that a bottle of water will set you back $4, and a tank full of gas might be as high as $7 a gallon. But it's nice to know you don't need to drive 25 miles back to Cambria right in the middle of your well earned vacation.

How To Get To Plaskett Creek Campground

The Plaskett Creek location is about 25 miles north of Cambria, and about 60 miles north of San Luis Obispo.

If your traveling from the north, the campgrounds are 55 miles from Monterey and about 4 miles south of Gorda on well traveled Highway 1. Watch for the well marked State Park signs and the entrance on the east side of the Highway.

Plaskett Creek Campground

Tempelton Ca. 93465


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