Sand Dollar Beach

"Perhaps the Most Beautiful, Romantic And Walkable Beach in Southern Big Sur"

OK ... you finally arrived at Sand Dollar Beach and can immediately see why this outstandingly beautiful stretch of the Pacific Ocean is so popular. After leaving the rush and confusion of your life in the big city, this is gonna be a treat.

The first thing you notice are the sea birds ducking and diving overhead, the warm breezes, and the tantalizing sounds of waves gently lapping on the shoreline.

Lots of relaxation awaits after wave after wave laps at your feet, and seemingly washes all your worries away. 

So it's time to relax, and take in all of this picture postcard perfect Sand Dollar Beach. This special place really does makes for an ideal destination for anyone who is looking for easy accessibility, an attitude toward romance, and uncrowded and plentiful beach front. 

Let your toes play in the warm sand as you and the one you love trot off to the waters edge hand in hand all set for a playful and romantic escape.

This beach is well known among locals and frequent visitors as the longest stretch of unbroken sand anywhere along the rugged southern Big Sur coastline.

It’s crescent shape is what movies are made of, and is a pleasant and tranquil place where you both can walk for hours spending some extended romantic escape time together. 

Imagine This At The Beach!

  • An informal picnic lunch on the sand at the northern edges of the beach
  • A perfect place to share a romantic moment late in the day as the sun begins to set across the Pacific Ocean
  • A generous sized blanket just perfect as tabletop on the sand for your picnic lunch. You can use it later to cuddle on the sand if the ocean breezes should kick up
  • Enjoying a deep breath of clean ocean air, and take the steep wooden stairs down to the beach and begin your exploration of this unspoiled playground.

What a feeling to be at the beach!

Enjoying time together!

Sometimes you have the beach to yourselves!

A time you won't forget!

A Few Sand Dollars And Colorful Jade

The truth is ... that it is rare to find intact sand dollars on Sand Dollar Beach despite the well posted signs and the popularity of this spot.

However, jade is another story!

Rockhounds have always made Sand Dollar Beach and it’s sister beach Jade Cove, which sits a short distance to the south, a mecca for those who enjoy hunting for the valuable green mineral that is often found on these beaches and in the walls of the cliffs beyond the waters edge. A tiny piece of jade might make a perfect setting in a ring.

Everytime you wear it, you will be reminded of your day you walked hand in hand at this unusual beach ... perhaps even retracing your foot steps in the sand as you return from your long stroll at the waters edge.

You might even find a few sand dollars or shells on the beach for your collection back home, or perhaps for the box of memories that you have kept since the early days and the beginning of your relationship.

There is a natural environment to be protected, and signs are posted about the removal of minerals from certain area on the beach, so be sure to follow the posted guidelines so you don't get asked to leave this special piece of paradise.

Imagine yourself here ...

How To Get To Gorgeous Sand Dollar Beach

Travel is easy if the weather is good.

When the weather is foggy in the early summer mornings, the steep cliffs just feet from the highway cannot be easily seen for the unwary driver, so it might be a good practice to check the weather, or call Plasset Creek Campgrounds across the highway just before you leave, to better understand what lies ahead.

If your traveling in the area of Hearst Castle, Sand Dollar Beach is about thirty miles north along Highway 1 and just about ten miles south of Lucia.

If you are traveling from the tiny enclave of Big Sur, you can plan to gobble up about twenty five miles of asphalt before you arrive. The roads cling to the edge of the mountains that rise steeply and so expect winding roads as is typical anywhere on the Cabrillo Highway, but not dangerous if you are paying attention. 

Now is the time for some nostalgic beach music on itunes...anyone remember the Beach Boys and their incredibly popular California Dreaming hit years ago? I 've got a feeling Sand Dollar Beach was one of the places they were thinking of when they wrote the songs for that album.

Leave the highway at the well marked Sand Dollar Beach signs, and park in the access lot near the large grove of trees. To begin your short hike to the beach, follow the gravel path to the wooden steps that zig zag down to the beach.

There are picnic tables and restrooms and access to the beach is easy.

Easy Romantic Hiking Along The Bluffs

Couple Just returning from a short hike on the Pacific Bluff Trail!

There are a number of short bluff trails at Sand Dollar Beach and a more challenging access trail that take you to the top of Cone Peak. Depending on your skill level and your romantic plans, local hiking trails just off this beach can be a really nice addition to your romantic escape.

Ask Yourselves ...Where Else Can I Enjoy A Romantic Ocean Setting with Stunning Postcard Views For Only A Few Dollars A Day?

What a way to end a perfectly romantic day!

Retracing your steps!

Would you mind if I took a picture?

Perfect way to walk the beach!

As you can see, it's unlikely that you could find a better beach, or a more scenic and romantic hiking trail anywhere else in the southern Big Sur California Coast.

If I may ... a suggestion: 

Pack the car and forget your obligations.

Leave the bills in your mailbox and just get away to Sand Dollar Beach. Get away to this unique place that puts you on uncrowded beaches and in a romantic environment where walking hand in hand seems almost automatic. This is the place where you can truly experience the value of time together.

If you decide to stay a few days and you don't want to break the bank, you might really enjoy a stay at Kirk Creek or Plaskett Creek campgrounds nearby. 

Send us your pics and your stories.

Did you find jade?

Is the crescent beach what you expected, and was it like the romantic settings in the movies?

Have you found a better beach?

Go ahead and let us know ... we really want to know about your trip!

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